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Comprehensive Eye Exams

A comprehensive eye examination consists of assessing the visual status of your eyes, as well as evaluating the internal and external health. We include a screening for glaucoma, cataracts and other retinal abnormalities.

By viewing the blood vessels in your eyes we can catch early signs of diabetes, high blood pressure, and various systemic diseases.

+ Vision Care Services
Contact Lens Evaluations

Although many patients are already wearing contact lenses, they are often not completely satisfied with their current contact lens program. Our contact lens practice is focused around designing a program to meet the specific needs of each and every individual. Whether you use them for sports, work or in occasional social situations, we can prescribe the best lens for you.
A contact lens prescription is not the same as a spectacle prescription! In addition to the optical correction of your eye, a contact lens prescription contains detailed information about the design of the lens. Dr. Shahriary provides precise contact lens evaluations for patients of all ages. We prescribe the best in contact lens technology and have made a commitment to educate our patients on all new advances in the industry. Ask us about getting you into contact lenses!

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  • Treatment and Management of External Eye Infections.
  • Treatment and management of dry eye and allergies.
  • Consultation and co-management of cataracts.
  • Consultation and comanagement of Laser Eye Surgery.

We also check pupil reflexes, color vision, peripheral vision and depth perception. We utilize the Canon Auto-Refractor, Canon Auto Non-Contact Tonometer and the Zeiss Matrix Visual Field Analyzer
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* Retinal Photography

A new highly sophisticated, computer assisted digital camera is now available in our office and enables us to provide a very detailed retinal analysis of your eyes. Retinal photography can document and record retinal problems, optic nerve disease, suspicious lesions, macular degeneration, high blood pressure, effects of diabetes, etc.

The process is painless because nothing touches the eyes. The photos will be kept in your files and will last many years. The digital image file will also be stored on our computer system indefinitely. We can provide copies of these photos for your medical specialist if referral is indicated.

We encourage all our patients to have this procedure to establish a reference base on your ocular health before any problems develop. Patients with certain conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, macular degeneration, migraine headaches, floaters, flashing lights, and high prescriptions are particularly urged to have these photos taken every two years.

You can expect from this exam:
An annual eye wellness EyeScreen photograph
An in depth view of the retinal surface (where eye diseases first manifest)
The ability to review the images with you (we will show you your retina)
A permanent record for your medical file, for serial analysis, comparisons, and diagnosis
To be fast, easy and comfortable
Usually no dilation drops for the test (we will inform you if they are required)